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Pre-Workout Honey Pack

Pre-Workout Honey Pack

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Set of Three Honey jars of 120 GMS with low Glycemic Index(GI) ideally suited for pre workout regime.Safer alternative for pre-workout supplement without any side effects or negative implications due to unadulterated NMR tested honey. This set consists of


1. 120 gms Raw Lychee honey which has a GI of 50. Suited for sustained workouts.


2. 120 gms Coriander honey which has a GI of around 52 and suited for moderate duration but high intensity workouts.


3. 120 gms of Raw Jamun honey which has a GI of 54 and is suited for shorter workout and sprints.

Improve your workout with the Pre-Workout Honey Pack, formulated with a scientifically proven glucose to fructose ratio. As recommended by experts in the industry, this honey pack provides the right amount of energy to boost your performance, allowing you to push yourself further in your workouts. Boost your workout with the perfect pre-workout honey.


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