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Raw Mustard Honey

Raw Mustard Honey

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Orbee's mustard honey is a product of the Himalayan mustard fields, where the bees gather nectar from mustard flowers. This honey variety is characterized by its bold, robust flavor with a delightful zesty twist. The unique fusion of sweetness and piquancy makes it a delightful complement to savory dishes, cheese platters, and marinades. Its purity lies in its raw and unfiltered state, free from additives or processing.


Uniblossom:Derived from the blossoms of the mustard crop in Uttarakhand, this honey is collected during the months of November through February. Its white color signifies high fructose content, leading to natural crystallization and yielding a sumptuously thick and velvety consistency.

Unadultered: Orbee honey goes through no processing – from gathering to bottling, it retains every nutrient in its natural state. The unprocessed method safeguards the integrity of valuable components, delivering a wholesome and nutrient-rich experience.


Ethically Garnered: The honey harvesting technique used is sustainable, emphasizing practices that enable bees to return to their hives post-collection. This method prioritizes the welfare of bee populations, fostering a harmonious coexistence within the ecosystem.

Green Packaging:Encased in eco-friendly corrugated boxes, this jar ensures breakage-free delivery while actively reducing harmful packaging. Our dedication to sustainability and an eco-friendly ethos not only benefits consumers but also contributes to the well-being of the planet.

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