Why Naturally Flavoured Honey at Orbee is different that what you find at the Indian Supermarket

Why Naturally Flavoured Honey at Orbee is different that what you find at the Indian Supermarket

In India where most brands blur the line between authenticity and artificiality, it's crucial to discern the truth behind what we consume. When it comes to honey, a sweet nectar cherished for its natural goodness, the confusion between naturally flavoured and artificially flavoured varieties can be overwhelming. At Orbee, we take pride in offering naturally flavoured honey that stays true to its origins, sourced directly from the vibrant blossoms of monofloral plants like Saunf , Jamun, Mustard, Acacia and Lychee.

Misconceptions often arise due to the term "naturally flavoured," leading many to believe that it involves artificial additives or processing. This is because unlike Western markets, India is slightly behind in terms of monofloral flavoured honey as traditional players like Dabur and Saffola have always sold honey which is not monofloral and is heavily processed.   The reality, however on naturally flavoured honey couldn't be further from the truth. It's essential to understand the source of our honey's flavour profile. Bees play a pivotal role in the creation of naturally flavoured honey, diligently collecting nectar from the blossoms of specific monofloral plants. This meticulous process imbues the honey with distinctive flavours and aromas unique to each floral variety. For instance, our Saunf honey boasts the delicate essence of fennel flowers, while our Lychee honey captures the exotic fragrance of lychee blossoms.

The key distinction lies in the purity of our honey. Unlike cheaper, processed varieties found in supermarkets, such as Dabur, Saffola, and Patanjali, Orbee's honey undergoes minimal intervention, preserving its raw, unadulterated essence. Processed honey often undergoes heating and filtration, stripping away its natural goodness and floral nuances. In contrast, our honey is carefully harvested and minimally processed to retain its nutritional integrity and exquisite flavour profile. Also each of our flavoured honey undergoes rigrous tests such as NMR profiling in France and we are proud to say that all our honey flavours are certified pure.

At Orbee, we're committed to transparency and quality, which is why we educate our customers about the difference between raw and processed honey. Raw honey, like ours, is harvested straight from the hive and undergoes minimal filtration to remove impurities while preserving its natural enzymes, antioxidants, and flavour compounds. On the other hand, processed honey undergoes intense heating and filtration, sacrificing its nutritional value and authentic taste.

We understand the importance of offering consumers a genuine taste of nature's bounty, free from additives, processing, or any form of adulteration. That's why every jar of Orbee's naturally flavoured honey is a testament to purity, authenticity, and unparalleled quality.

The naturally flavoured honey at Orbee isn't just a product; it's a celebration of nature's wonders and the tireless work of bees. With every spoonful, experience the essence of Saunf, Lychee, and other monofloral treasures, lovingly harvested and preserved for your enjoyment. Say goodbye to misconceptions and embrace the true taste of nature with Orbee's naturally flavoured honey.

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