Savor the Sweetness of Spring with the Goodness of Raw Honey

Savor the Sweetness of Spring with the Goodness of Raw Honey

Spring time is just round the corner; we all eagerly await the arrival of spring and so does the honeybees! The weather would turn warmer, and it would be time again for these tiny little creatures to begin their cheerful buzzing. Having survived the cold winters by living off their honey storage in the hives, the bees will now get ready for some action. Well, spring is certainly the busiest and most important time of the year for honeybees. Their stock of food is now depleted and they will now venture out on a fresh hunt for nectar and pollen, as they bid adieu to the chilly weather. 

Spring is also widely known as the season of flowers, as it marks the awakening and blooming of many plants that produce a variety of vibrant flowers. Not only do these spring blossoms emanate unparalleled beauty, but they also hold a secret treasure: nectar and pollen, which is the lifeblood of honeybees. In fact, spring is the season in which pollen and nectar are the most abundant. Now, as the bees embark on their journey and explore their surroundings, they diligently collect nectar from these newly revived flowers and expertly convert it into the golden elixir that graces our tables - pure, delicious honey.

This particular honey, crafted by the bees during the spring and early summer is truly special as it emerges during a period when nature and the bees thrive with renewed vitality. 

However, spring is also a season that could bring about pollen allergies for many individuals. These allergies can bring about sneezing, itching and congestion, causing a lot of discomfort to certain people. Interestingly, raw honey can act as a natural remedy to tackle these symptoms. How? Basically, bees carry tiny amounts of pollen back to their hives during the pollination process, depositing some of it in the honey. Although the levels of pollen in honey are minimal, they are fairly adequate to develop immunity against allergens. Therefore, consumption of raw, unpasteurized honey such as Orbee Honey can help your body become accustomed to the local pollen, reducing your immune system’s overreaction and decreasing allergy symptoms. 

In addition to its allergy-fighting properties, raw honey, the one that comes directly from the beehive, also acts as a natural immune booster. Raw honey is an extraordinary blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Therefore, it’s consumption, especially during the spring time, when your immune system may be more vulnerable, can help strengthen the body’s defense mechanism, thus protecting you against various diseases and infections. 

Also, spring is a season of increased activity for most of us, where we often find ourselves in need of an energy boost. Raw honey, during such time, can be a natural and healthy solution to overcome fatigue and enhance energy levels. The natural sugars present in raw honey provide a quick energy source, while its vitamins and minerals contribute to overall vitality and stamina.

Further, as the weather begins to warm up during the spring season and we remove those extra layers of winter clothing, our skin naturally gets exposed to more sunlight. Consumption of raw honey during this time can help us take care of our skin health, as it is highly enriched with antioxidants and also possesses anti-inflammatory properties. 

Well, the benefits of honey consumption do not stop here! Raw honey possesses remarkable antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, which makes it an effective remedy for treating wounds and infections. A nature’s blessing, consumption of honey can also help relieve coughs, improve cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and improve blood fat levels. 

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